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ZBX Viewer


Zabbix 6.2 and higher

In the "Administration > Media types" section, import the media_zbxviewer_62.xml

Zabbix 5 to 6

In the "Administration > Media types" section, import the media_zbxviewer.xml

Go to the Users tab and add your parameters to your user as in the picture

Zabbix 4 and below

Download and put in /usr/lib/zabbix/alertscripts (can be viewed in the settings into zabbix_server.conf(cat zabbix_server.conf|grep AlertScriptsPath)) and add right on exec (chmod +x

On Your Zabbix server make new Media types with parameters as image

{ALERT.SENDTO} Then there will be your token

{ALERT.SUBJECT} Message subject

{ALERT.MESSAGE} Message your triggers

Set Attempts to 1

Go to the Users tab and add your parameters to your user as in the picture


Wait for the event to happen and you will receive notification in the application.

Encrypt push messages

In order to take advantage of this, you need to download the latest version of the script to send notifications. From the application you need to take the key for decryption, it is generated locally on the phone at the first start. This code needs to be inserted into the script and enable sending encrypted push. Do not forget that you should have OpenSSL and curl

If you need to send encrypted notifications to multiple users use this script

Possible errors in the absence of sending notifications

Verify that the dispatch works from the console. In zabbix 4.2, you can click Test media type. In other cases, you can call the script from the terminal.

./ token title message

If the tests passed, but the messages still do not arrive, you need to check the interface of the zabbix itself.

Need to go to the tab

Configuration -> Action and Enable Report problems to Zabbix administrators.

Enable Report problems to Zabbix administrators

If an error code 3, you must adjust the length of the notification sent. Because the template contains line breaks, when the script is called, they are not correctly transmitted. Try to remove line breaks.

Necessary rights for the correct operation of the application

For the application to work correctly, the user who will use the application must be granted Zabbix User rights.